About The Glass Source

During the 1970's, a studio called "Metro Art Glass" was opened in Shelton by the three Kichar brothers. One of them was a very good designer/artist and the others helped with production. Around this same time, there was a glass manufacturer on Canal Street in Shelton who made a hand rolled glass that was not very easy to cut. This family of glass manufacturers also owned Tiffany House in Derby. The story goes that they manufactured the glass on Canal Street, which Metro Art Glass then made into lamps, which were subsequently sold at Tiffany House. Metro Art Glass also bought from other glass manufacturers, primarily Armstrong and Wissmach. The Pinecrest Country Club in Shelton, who owned several panels and fire screens, boasted the largest collection of their work. Eventually the glass factory shut down and Tiffany House closed when the owners retired and moved south, around 1995.

Mary Pillsbury frequented Metro Art Glass as a hobbyist and struck up a casual friendship with the owners. By this time, the artistic brother had passed away and the studio was subcontracting out some of its lamp projects.

In 1991, Mary purchased the studio and changed the name to The Glass Source. She redirected the company's focus, concentrating on classes, retail and residential custom designs. She closed the retail store in 1995 and stopped teaching in order to concentrate on her art. Mary provided beautiful custom pieces to many residents and business throughout the community up until her passing in 1997.

Deborah Breither took the studio over in 1997. The Glass Source once again offered classes and retail supplies in addition to custom designs. During her watch, the business expanded to include commercial and ecclesiastical work, including restoration on windows in numerous area churches, universities and residences.

In 2004, a new era was ushered in with owner Michael Skrtic. Michael originally started with the studio apprenticing with Mary in 1995. After Mary's passing, he continued on with Debbie, while continuing with his fine arts education at the Art Institute of Philadelphia and Paier College of Art. Over the past 22 years, Michael has been involved with every aspect of the glass business, including restoration, custom design and implementation, installation, retail and teaching and experimentation. His vision is for The Glass Source to be recognized as one of the top studios in the country for restoration and custom glass design as well as becoming a major learning center for glass arts. Michael expanded the studio once again in 2006 to a 4500s/f factory space located in an old factory Building in Shelton, CT. This space boasts large light filled class rooms, a spacious gallery and retail glass store, design room,  fusing room, and a large working space for the studio. In 2012 the studio expanded once more to what it is today with a  second location as a private studio where Michael focuses on glass designs, painting and glass sculpture. And its new public studio and gallery in Seymour CT as of 2017.

Major installations/restorations included Multiple facilities at Yale University such as Vanderbilt Hall, Yale's School of Law and the Science building. Bellermine Hall Fairfield University, ST. Paul's Church, ST. Peter's Episcopal Church, and Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, ST. Joseph Church Shelton, Seymour United Methodist Church, Golden Hill United Methodist Church Bridgeport, Orchard Street Shul, New Haven and many more